Board of Directors

  • President: ec. Mircea Ovidiu
  • Member: ec. Chialda Daniela
  • Member: eng. Kielhorn Jens

Executive management

Dan Caprariu

General manager

Eng. Caprariu Dan

0269-426100 int. 101
Eugen Sarbu

Technical manager

Eng. Sarbu Eugen

0269-426100 int. 102
Anca Presecan

Financial manager

Ec. Presecan Anca

0269-426100 int.103


Secretary’s Office Emilia Fazekas 0269-426100
Technical Department Eng. Dordea Virgil 0269-426100 int. 134
Supply Department and Public Acquisitions Ec. Tomaschek Lucian 0269-426100 int. 136
Transportation Sector Eng. Dragoman Dan 0269-426100 int. 112
Legal Department Legal councilor Ramona Gligor 0269-426100 int. 106
Payroll Department Ec. Nistor Nicoleta 0269-426100 int. 104
Marketing Department Eng. Olivia Alexandru 0269-426100 int. 111
Financial–Accounting Office Ec. Smedoiu Ion 0269-426100 int. 126
Ec. Serb Bianca 0269-426100 int. 117
Financial management control Ec. Rugan Viorica 0269-426100 int. 109
Prevention and Protection Office Eng. Ioan Pădureanu 0269-426100 int. 110
IT Department Eng. Mirea Daniel 0269-426100 int. 107
Quality Department Quality manager Cosmina Sârbu 0269-426100 int. 108
The Periodical Technical Inspection Stand Eng. Zeno Sârbu 0269-426100 int. 141
Management – Administrative Office Technician Dumitru Opriș
Cashier / Companies Subscriptions Op. Gabriela Borchină 0269-426100 int. 129
Psychological Office 0269-426100 int. 126

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