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Abonamentul card Abonamentul electronic

SC TURSIB SA clients have a new type of pass available – the electronic pass.

The support of the electronic pass is made of plastic, card type, on which the name, photograph and unique code allocated to each Tursib client will be printed. The first support (card type) will be offered free of charge by SC Tursib and is valid for 3 years.

Cards will be issued at the company’s registered office for each Tursib client and will replace the paper printed passes.

The procedure for the loading of the card is different for individuals and for legal entities.

Traffic inspectors will check your card pass using a scanner which will display the identification information written on the card and also the status of validity, meaning that the inspector will check weather that person bought a pass for the checked period.

The issuing of pass cards involves the use of the personal data of passengers. SC TURSIB SA undertakes to comply with the stipulation of Law 677/2001 regarding the protection of persons in the processing of their personal data and regarding the free circulation of this data. Any utilization of the personal data is possible only in the case in which that particular person (in this case – the Tursib passenger) consented expressly and unequivocally.

Collecting personal data by means of fraudulent, unloyal or illegal means is forbidden.

SC Tursib SA hereby informs you that under no circumstances you must answer requests to submit personal data, regardless of the method through which these requests are made or the method through which this data is submitted (direct verbal requests, requests via telephone, seemingly legitimate requests received via e-mail, requests to introduce your personal data on apparently legitimate web sites etc).

SC Tursib SA never, under any circumstances, requests confidential information directly, by phone or by e-mail, after the issuing of the card.

SC Tursib SA clients who receive such messages are asked not to give way to these requests.

SC Tursib SA is aware of the importance of the information it collected from you, especially that information which identifies you as an individual ("personal information"). This document governs the method of collecting and using this information.

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