Contactless card

Tursib, BRD and MasterCard implemented a payment solution for trips by means of PayPass contactless card, directly on the means of public transportation in Sibiu. Sibiu thus becomes the first city in Europe who offers passengers the possibility to pay for the current trip directly on the means of public transportation by MasterCard® and Maestro® PayPass™ cards

The payment for the trip may also be carried out by contactless cards issued by other banks. Contactless cards must be identified with the following symbols: pay pass and pay pass. Important: SC TURSIB SA does not commercialize contactless cards. These cards may be purchased at any BRD branch (the above-mentioned forms) or contact your bank to ask whether they have available contactless cards as well. Before getting on the bus, please make sure there are sufficient funds on your card in order to avoid the fine corresponding to a fraudulent trip. NO COMMISSION will be perceived for the purchasing of the ticket.


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