The procedure for loading card by legal entities

The collecting of personal data and the signing of the approval for the use of such information by each of the persons requesting a card is necessary for the initial issuing of the card.

In order to avoid a trip made by each employee to the registered office of Tursib, the company requesting the passes will collect the personal information of employees on an electronic support.

Employees must submit the following personal data: the name and forename, the Personal Numerical Code and a photography. Also, each employee must sign the approval for the use of this data.

The trading company will specify the number of employees requesting a pass and a Tursib employee will go to that company’s headquarters in order to submit the forms for the use of the personal data and to download on a stick the personal information and the signed forms.

A contract will be signed between the company requesting the passes and Tursib, mentioning the procedure of utilization of the cards.

The advantage consists of a simpler monthly procedure for the issuing of passes. The institution will submit the lists containing the names of persons requesting passes for the following month. The lists will be submitted by the 29th of the current month via e-mail, at the following address

The cards will be loaded with the requested validity period, directly from the Tursib servers, consequently eliminating the need for one of the company’s employees to come and pick up the passes and the distribution of passes towards each employee.

SC Tursib SA will maintain the current fare levels.

The system allows the purchasing of the following types of travel titles:

  • monthly passes - (valid from the 1st to the 30th/31st of the month)
  • half-month passes - valid for 15 days ( from the 1st to the 15th or from the 16th to the 30th/31st);
  • weekly passes - valid for 7 calendar days;
  • daily passes.

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