Complaints Procedure in S.C. Tursib S.A.

The complaints procedure is in accordance with the Government Ordinance 27/30.01.2002 regarding the settlement of petitions , with subsequent amendments.

Citizens and legally constituted organizations have the right to petition (requests, complaints, complaints or proposals) to public institutions, in writing or by e-mail.

Petitions addressed to SC TURSIB SA may be:

The petition should contain as much details as possible and evidence specific to each aspect mentioned in the complaint (e.g date, time, route, bus stop, travel direction, bus registration number, etc.) in order to properly identify the causes of the problem and appropriate resolution of the complaint.

"Anonymous complaints or those that do not contain identification data of the applicant are not taken into account and shall be classified."

Petitions submitted on facebook or on the company’s website and petitions that do not contain a correspondence address will not be answered, but will be taken into account in the quarterly analysis of complaints made by PR Dep. and presented to the company’s management.

The leaders of public authorities and institutions will take measures for the research and analysis of the problems contained in petitions for the legal settlement of complaints.

Complaints procedure in the company:

  • Complaints are recorded and presented to the general manager, daily;
  • The manager decides how to resolve them, depending on the subject of the petition:
    • a person may be sent in the field for observation;
    • if it is necessary, a traffic study may be performed in order to determine the number of passengers;
    • disciplinary investigation of employees, if it is the case;
  • The procedure regarding the resolution of the complaints have to protect the identity of the applicant and Tursib employees;
  • The response is sent to the applicant in due time.

Public institutions are obliged to response within 30 days from the registration date of the petition whether the solution is favorable or not. If the aspects mentioned in the petition require a more detailed research, the deadline may be extended by maximum 15 days.

If the applicant submits to the same public authority or institution several petitions, containing the same problem, a single response will be sent which must refer to all complaints received.

If, after sending the response, a new petition is received from the same applicant with the same content, the petition shall be classified and a new response will not be issued.