Contactless Ticket Machines

The contactless machines were purchased within the framework of the project "Modernisation of public transport in the Municipality of Sibiu", financed by non-reimbursable European funds.

All Tursib buses, minibuses and coaches are now equipped with yellow contactless ticket machines.

This is a significant development in terms of passenger experience. They offer a simple and convenient way to purchase tickets directly inside the bus, by using contactless bank cards. This enables travellers to make quick and secure payments for travel tickets, eliminating the need to hold cash or search for a point of sale beforehand.

In addition, they also allow validation of travel tickets already purchased. This makes it easy for travellers to use the tickets they have previously obtained, simplifying the process of using public transport and avoiding any inconveniences.

Which tickets can be purchased using the contactless ticket machines?

  1. 60 minutes urban ticket – 3 lei;
  2. Păltiniș one way ticket – 11 lei (can be bought from the bus driver as well).

How to purchase a travel ticket with your contactless bank card:

Place the bank card close to the yellow ticket machine. It will detect the card and you will automatically purchase a 3 lei ticket. The message "Enjoy your journey! Paid: 3 RON" will appear.

* Please note that these machines DO NOT ISSUE PAPER TICKETS.

To purchase a second ticket, press the "+" sign on the contactless machine and bring the card close to the machine again.

If you do not want a second ticket and you have only accidentally brought the card close to the yellow ticket machine a second time, the message "Card already validated for one person" will appear. As such, you will not be able to make a double purchase by mistake if you do not press the “+” sign.

For information on the travel titles available on the Tursib PVC card, press the "i" key on the device and then bring the Tursib card closer to it.

Payment of travel tickets from the yellow ticket machines can be made with the following methods: contactless transport cards, contactless bank cards (including Revolut), smartwatch, smartphone, QR codes.

How are travel tickets validated at contactless machines?

In the case of tickets loaded on a Tursib plastic card or disposable card, validation is done by simply placing the card near the machine.

In the case of QR code tickets, the QR code is placed at the bottom of the machine, where it will be scanned.

It is important to note that all travel tickets, with the exception of QR codes purchased from the 24Pay app and classic tickets printed on thermal paper (the latter will be validated at the orange validators) must be validated at the yellow contactless machines.

If more than one bus is used on the route, the ticket must be validated on each bus. In this case, the message displayed will be "Transferred from line x to line y".

How is the control of travel tickets purchased from contactless machines carried out?

The verification by traffic inspectors will be done either with a special device, similar to a mobile phone, which they will use to be able to identify the purchase by scanning the traveller’s bank card or by bringing it close to the yellow machine.

To check the purchase of a ticket by bank card, bring the bank card with which you purchased the ticket close to the yellow machine. If at least one ticket has been purchased with this card, the message "Card already validated on... at... for 1 person" will appear on the screen. If more than one ticket has been purchased with this card, the number of tickets purchased will be displayed.

We would like to point out that the procedures and equipment for the sale and control of travel tickets purchased by bank card comply with all GDPR and banking security regulations, and that the bank card data is secure.

*The machines also allow to verify any previously validated travel tickets in the event of a control, by simply bringing the Tursib card close to them or by scanning the QR codes at the bottom of the machines.