Disabled persons

Local authorities, together with the local transport company - Tursib, are taking various measures to give people with special needs the chance to adopt a less dependent way of life and to use sustainable modes of transport (walking, cycling, or public transport).

Our company has taken measures for easier use of the means of transport by persons with disabilities. These include:

Facilities on Tursib buses:

  • Access ramps on / off in the 65 new buses
  • Special places on all buses for persons with reduced mobility
  • Light displays on the outside and inside of the bus, with the number and end of the line of the route
  • Voice announcement inside the buses (the following station is announced), in the 65 new buses, purchased in 2018-2019.
  • Wi-Fi in all buses


In the bus stations: in order to increase the accessibility level when purchasing travel tickets, our company has invested in 27 vending machines, which operate non-stop,located in the stations with high passenger flow.

In the bus: POS for the purchase of contactless card tickets; payment of the ticket with the mobile phone.

Accessibility in company buildings:

• Ramp for the access with the wheelchair to the company headquarters in Munchen street no. 1;

• Ramp for the access with the wheelchair to the headquarters of the Agency from Sibiu, str. Calea Dumbrăvii no. 135;

• Customer services (cashier, issuing and charging subscriptions), located on the ground floor.

The information displayed in the passenger bus stations

  • The schedules in the stations are positioned at an appropriate height, so that they can be consulted by persons with lower stature, or who are in a wheelchair.

Bus drivers training

  • Monthly there is a training session for bus drivers both on the topic of traffic safety, supplemented with training sessions on:
    • Raising awareness of the drivers of Tursib  in offering support to the access by bus of people with reduced mobility;
    • Stopping buses in the bus stations near the border, to allow the possibility of using the special access ramps when needed.