In 1981 - 1982 the company carried out a study entitled "THE STUDY of the general traffic in Sibiu", which was carried out in partnership with the Research and Design Institute in Timisoara and based on which the City decided to introduce trolleybuses in order to handle the significant passenger fluxes.

The public transportation by trolleybus was introduced in 1983 on a distance of 11 km, on two routes: From the Cemetery to the Railway Station and from the Railway Station to Mihai Viteazu Boulevard.

The extension of the trolleybus network (the first stage) on a length of 10 km took place in 1985 and it was then when another rectifying station in the area of the Railway Station entered into operation.

The second stage of the extension of the network was finalized in 1987 adding a length of 14 km, thus ensuring the connection with the neighborhoods in Hipodrom.

The third stage of the extension program entered in operation in 1989 measuring 17 km. A new rectifying station was finalized in the area of the bus depot situated on Alba Iulia Road.

In 1992 the company bought from Germany three used SKODA trolleybuses, and in 1993 it purchased another four short FBW - BBC - HEES trolleybuses and a GREAT WHITE FBW - GRT (articulated trolleybus) from Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 1995 another four FBW – HRA trolleybuses were brought from Switzerland and in 1998 and an additional six units type FBW 91T and five units type FBW – HRA arrived from the same country.

Between 2002 and 2007 a number of 11 trolleybuses were purchased through Trakia.

By Local Council Decision no. 348/2009, the Local Council of Sibiu approved the replacement of the transportation by trolleybus with the transportation by bus within the city of Sibiu.