November 2008 – Traffic study

The traffic study regarding the public transportation within the city of Sibiu was elaborated by Trenkwalder Sobis SRL Sibiu between November and December 2008. This study was contracted by the City of Sibiu – the Local Council of Sibiu –The City Hall of Sibiu.

The purpose of this study was to optimize public transportation routes in the city of Sibiu, in accordance with the real needs of inhabitants. The study was carried out on two levels: counting passengers on each Tursib bus and questioning a significant number of passengers in what concerns the direction and the destination of the trip, the type of travel titles they are using, etc.

The traffic study carried out for the inside the city urban traffic in Sibiu targeted all bus, trolleybus and tram routes which Tursib serviced at that time. Here are the main aims of the traffic study:

  • determining the number of passengers using the means of public transportation
  • determining the travel behavior of the inhabitants of Sibiu who use the means of public transportation
  • determining rush hours as well as the areas and bus stops with the most intensive passenger traffic
  • determining traffic routes of passengers (starting point of the trip - destination of the trip)
  • determining the purpose of the trip by local public transportation
  • determining the type of travel titles passengers use to travel by means of local public transportation
  • creating a data base for the local public transportation.