The “Premium” Project

The «Premium» Project was inaugurated on May 1st, 2008 in the presence of city officials, rejoicing important media coverage and having a significant impact on passengers.

The “Premium” Project was the first offer of modern services in what concerned the following:

  • an increase in the frequency of buses on routes T2, A5, A12 and starting with 15.09.2008 also on routes A17 and A7;
  • ensuring improved transportation conditions, by means of new buses, making MAN and BMC;
  • better informed passengers through marketing actions;
  • equipping means of transportation with electronic displays, monitors and vocal information devices;
  • planting bus stop signs with a modern design, bearing the logo and the representative colors of Tursib;
  • installing in every bus stop panels containing complete information (route map, transportation fare, time of departure from bus stop and the succession of bus stops on each route);
  • branding the clothing of bus drivers;
  • a continuous training of bus drivers in what concerns their behavior in relation with passengers, traffic safety and the legislation in effect in this field.
  • training and monitoring traffic inspectors and ticket salesmen in what concerns their relationship with clients.