Street vending ticket machines

The vending machines were purchased within the framework of the European grant funded project "Modernisation of public transport in the Municipality of Sibiu". They replaced the old street vending machines which were taken out of service as of 1 March 2023.

As such, a total of 24 new street vending ticket machines has been placed in 12 stations to support passengers and offer them greater flexibility in purchasing tickets.

Which ticket types can be purchased from the ticket machines?

  1. QR-code tickets;
  2. Single use cards: you can load daily passes, weekly passes, 60-minute urban tickets, 1-way tickets for Păltiniș or 2-way tickets for Păltiniș;
  3. Tursib plastic card: you can load 60-minute urban tickets, daily passes, weekly passes, monthly nominal and non-nominal passes, 1-way tickets for Păltiniș, 2-way tickets for Păltiniș or bike tickets for Păltiniș;

In addition to the ability to purchase tickets, the ticket machines also offer the possibility to load existing Tursib cards with tickets (including full-price passes).

To facilitate the purchase process, the machines accept both cash and bank card payments. Detailed instructions on how to use the machines are displayed on the machines.


Street vending machines DO NOT allow the top up of discounted or free passes.

To charge a Tursib plastic card, press the "Start" button and select "Existing reloadable card". Once selected, the Tursib plastic card must be placed in the machine's reader.

The locations of the ticket vending machines can be viewed here.