Daily Passes

Daily passes are the ideal choice for tourists or occasional travellers.

The price of a daily pass is 5 lei and the pass is valid for 1 day. The daily pass allows you to travel on an unlimited number of routes within the city of Sibiu, during its validity period.

Where can I purchase a daily pass?

How do I validate my daily pass?

Daily passes need to be validated immediately after boarding the bus.

In the case of QR code daily passes, purchased via the SibiuBus mobile app, these need to be scanned by using the yellow validation machines located in the bus. The QR code needs to be placed at the bottom of the machine and in case of the successful validation, the following message will appear “Enjoy your trip!”

If the passenger is travelling on two or more routes, they must validate their daily pass on each bus travelled.

The only QR codes that will NOT be validated are those purchased through the 24Pay app.

Daily passes loaded on the Tursib plastic card or the Tursib single-use card are validated by bringing the card close to the yellow validation machine on the bus.

How are daily passes inspected?

Daily pass inspections are carried out by Tursib traffic inspectors, authorised by the Municipality of Sibiu.

In the case of daily passes purchased through the mobile application SibiuBus or 24Pay, the inspection is done by the traffic inspectors who scan the QR code generated in the application, by using their control devices, or by scanning the yellow validation machines on the bus.

In the case of daily passes loaded on the Tursib plastic card or the Tursib single-use card, the control will be carried out in the same way, by approaching the Tursib card to the yellow validation machines or with the help of the control devices used by the traffic inspectors.

Make sure you have a valid ticket and that you validate it properly to avoid any inconvenience later on.