Ticket inspections

Ticket inspections are carried out by Tursib traffic inspectors, authorised by the Municipality of Sibiu.

Carrying out the ticket inspection:

There are two possibilities for verifying the purchase of a ticket by credit card:

  1. Directly on the ticket machines located in the buses

The traffic inspector will log in with their control card and will ask you to bring the credit card you used for the ticket purchase close to the contactless ticket machines in the bus. Place the card close to the machine. If at least one ticket has been purchased with this card, the message "Card already validated on... at... for 1 person" will appear on the screen. If more than one ticket has been purchased with this card, the number of tickets purchased will be displayed. If NO tickets were purchased with the card, the machine will display the message "Sorry! No valid ticket".

2. Via special devices in the possession of the traffic inspectors

Traffic inspectors will be equipped with mobile phone-like control devices which can scan bank cards. The same type of message about one or more tickets having been purchased with the card will appear on the control device.

In the case of cards containing free or discounted travel passes (for retirees, students, etc.), the control is done in the same two ways, the only difference being that the Tursib card on which the monthly pass has been charged will be scanned.

The bank card payment system complies with all the necessary banking security rules. All card user data is protected.

For tickets with a QR code, the verification will be done in the same two ways described above (as for cards), except that the QR code on the ticket will be scanned instead of the card.

For tickets without a QR code: If the presented ticket does not contain all the valid data, it is mandatory to check the data with the help of:

- the control ticket, which will be inserted by the inspector in the validation machine where the passenger validated the ticket;

- the BCR ticket issued on the basis of the control ticket.

If the travel ticket does not correspond to the control ticket or the test ticket, the traveller shall be presented with the proof and shall be fined accordingly.

No penalties are applied if the Tursib validators or the contactless machines do not work.

Carrying out of the control operation on disabled persons:

  • the identity card and the urban transport pass for public transport, issued by the Social Service of the City Hall, are requested;
  • the inspector verifies whether the name on the ID card matches the name on the urban transport pass.

Applying the sanctions:

  • Persons caught by the control authorities travelling fraudulently (without a valid ticket on the means of transport in question) have the right to pay on the spot the sum of 100 lei, representing the equivalent of a ticket containing a travel surcharge (contravention ticket).
  • If the passenger does not pay the fare for the ticket with travel surcharge, the TURSIB S.A. ticket inspectors will ask them to get off the means of transport in order to identify them and will issue a ticket violation report (according to the law 92/2007, the fine is between 100 and 500 lei).

Taking into account that the value of the ticket with surcharge is 100 lei, it was decided that the minimum value of the fine in the violation report will be 200 lei.

Reports issued to minors between 14 and 18 years old will contain a fine reduced by half (100 lei).

  • If the contravener refuses to be identified, the traffic inspector can call the police, gendarmerie or local police.
  • Once the surcharge ticket has been paid, all legal proceedings will cease and no further report will be issued.
  • The surcharge ticket can be used to continue the journey to the end of the route.
  • The date, time, route and the inspector's signature shall be written on the ticket with the surcharge, followed by a stamp containing the text "SETTLED" and the reference number of the traffic inspector who imposed the penalty.

If the contravener decides to pay the fine before the completion of the report, the issued ticket number will be noted on the report.

The traffic inspector is the person empowered by the Mayor of Sibiu to record contraventions and impose fines to those who:

  • are traveling without a ticket or an appropriate pass for the means of transport used;
  • at the request of the control teams do not present the identity document and the travel card;
  • hold discussions with the driver of the means of transport while travelling;
  • ask the bus to stop between the stations, or change the bus route, without having any justified reason to do so (unauthorized persons or persons with no judicial power to do so);
  • by any means degrade the public transport vehicles both when on the move and during the stops;
  • Smoke, spit, eat sunflower seeds or ice cream, throw papers and scraps of any kind on public transportation means;
  • sing, make loud noises, address insults to travellers, traffic controllers and public transport service personnel;
  • block the doors of the means of transport;
  • consume food and alcoholic beverages in the means of public transport;
  • get on or off while the bus is still moving or force the doors;
  • transport birds, live animals, bulky objects and luggage, windows or mirrors, as well as flammable or explosive materials;
  • transport dogs in public transport means, without proof of vaccination, leash and mumps.

Payment of the fine indicated in the contravention report may be made within 15 days from the date of communication of the report:

  • at the Sibiu City Hall – 2 S.Brukenthal street, room 9 or 1-3 Bd. Victoriei, room 2;
  • at post offices, on the account of the Municipality of Sibiu, opened at the Sibiu Treasury, IBAN code RO14TREZ57621A350102XXXX CIF 4270740;
  • on the account of the Municipality of Sibiu, opened with the Treasury of Sibiu, IBAN code RO14TREZ57621A350102XXXX CIF 4270740;
  • at the head office of the Local Tax Department of Sibiu – 15A Turismului Street, room 003;
  • through the GHISEUL.RO platform.

A copy of the receipt must be handed in within 15 days from the date of the notification of the report to the secretariat of SC Tursib SA, 1 Munchen Street, fax. 0269/220771, or by e-mail to relatiicupublicul@tursib.ro.

If the contravener does not pay the fine within 15 days of the date of delivery/communication, compulsory enforcement will be carried out.

The contravener is obliged to produce to the official, on request, the identity card or the documents on the basis of which the entries in the report are made. If the offender refuses, the traffic inspector may call on police officers and non-commissioned officers, gendarmes or local police officers to identify them.

If the offender is a minor (14-18 years old), the minimum and maximum fines laid down in the act are reduced by half.

If the second copy of the report of violation has not been delivered on the spot, the report of violation and the notice of payment shall be delivered to the offender by post, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or by display at the offender's home or place of business.

In order to lodge an appeal against the report of the violation, you must apply, according to Article 31 paragraph 1 of O.G. 2/2001, within 15 days from the date of its communication, to the Court in whose district the violation was committed, namely the Court of Sibiu.

Compulsory enforcement of reports of fines is carried out by the Tax Department - Service for the enforcement of budgetary claims within the Town Hall in whose territorial district the offender is domiciled, if the offender has not paid the fine within 15 days of the date of delivery/communication.

The legal provisions in force establishing the facts that constitute contraventions in the field of local public transport are: art. 45 of Law 92/2007 and art. 40 of the Regulation for carrying out local public transport, approved by H.C.L. no. 57/2013.

Penalty fees

For the purpose of informing Tursib customers as accurately and completely as possible about the latest fees applied for contraventions, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

TURSIB S.A. is a joint-stock company, established on the basis of Decision No 79/1998 of the Local Council of Sibiu. The sole shareholder of the company is the Local Council of Sibiu. Following the Local Council Decision no. 216 of 30.05.2019, a series of changes have been made to the penalty tariffs applied in the case of offending customers who are found travelling on Tursib buses without a valid ticket or travel pass.

Thus, from the beginning of June 2019, these penalties can be of two types:

  1. The purchase on the spot, from the ticket inspector teams, of a ticket with a surcharge of 100 lei, which corresponds to a fixed amount applied to all passengers, regardless of their age.
  2. If the passenger is unwilling or unable to pay the amount of the surcharge ticket on the spot, the ticket inspector teams are obliged to draw up a report, on the spot, in the name of the contravener (according to Law 92/2007), which provides for a fine of between 100 and 500 lei.

However, given that the value of the surcharge ticket has increased to 100 lei, it was decided that the minimum amount in case of an imposed fine will have a value of 200 lei.

In the case of reports issued to minors between 14 and 18 years of age, the amount of the fine is reduced by half (100 lei).

Our hope is that all Tursib customers understand the importance of paying for their public transport journey. The price of a ticket or a monthly pass represents a derisory amount of money compared to the value of the fine and by paying for your transport, you show that you respect yourself and others around you.

Validator from the bus
Control device provided by traffic inspectors