Tickets control

Travel title control is an activity carried out with control teams made up of Tursib traffic inspectors.

Persons who will be caught in the bus, by the control teams, traveling without a valid travel title have the right to pay on the spot the amount of 100 RON representing the value of a ticket with a travel surcharge (contraventional ticket).

The traveler is not penalized if the Tursib validators or the contactless devices on the bus do not work!!!

The certifying agent is the person empowered by the Mayor of Sibiu to find contraventions and to apply contraventional fines to those who:

  • are traveling without a ticket or an appropriate card for the means of transport used;
  • at the request of the control teams does not present the identity document and the travel card;
  • hold discussions with the driver of the means of transport while walking;
  • stop for no justified reasons the bus between the stations, or change their route (unauthorized persons or non-legal persons);
  • by any means degrades the public transport vehicles both on the move and during the stops;
  • Smokes, spits, consumes seeds and ice cream, throws papers and scraps of any kind on public transportation;
  • sings, make loud noises, speak insulting words to travelers, controllers and public transport service personnel;
  • locks the doors of the means of transport;
  • consumes food and alcoholic beverages in the means of public transport;
  • ascends or descends while the bus is still moving or forces the doors;
  • transports birds, live animals, bulky objects and luggage, windows or mirrors, as well as flammable or explosive materials;
  • transports dogs in public transport, without proof of vaccination, leash and mumps

The legal provisions in force establishing the facts that constitute offenses in the field of local public transport are: art.45 of Law 92/2007 and the art.40 of the Regulation for carrying out local public transport, approved by H.C.L. no. 57/2013