Tursib card top up on the website

The Tursib card top up portal was created within the framework of the project "Modernisation of Public Transport in Sibiu", financed by European non-reimbursable funds.

This top up method of Tursib plastic cards has been implemented in August 2023.

By using it, you can:

  • Purchase travel tickets on the Tursib plastic card;
  • View available travel tickets on your Tursib plastic card;
  • View the payment history made with the bank card on the contactless ticket devices in Tursib buses;
  • Configure your desired route;
  • Get information about bus arrival times in real time;
  • View public transport routes in Sibiu.

Currently, the following travel ticket types can be topped up onto the Tursib plastic card:

  1. 60 minutes urban ticket;
  2. Daily pass;
  3. Weekly pass;
  4. Nominal 30-day urban pass;
  5. Nominal 30-day Păltiniș pass;
  6. One-way Păltiniș ticket;
  7. Two-way Păltiniș ticket;
  8. Păltiniș bike ticket.


When you create your account, you must use the same personal identification code that you used when your Tursib plastic card was issued.

If you have an account in the SibiuBus mobile app, you do not need to create another one on the Tursib website, because you can log in with the email address and password of your SibiuBus account.

How can I top up my Tursib card online, via the website?

  1. Go to the Tursib website and click on the "Top up card" button on the main page;
  2. Press on "Register" and enter your account creation data;
  3. After creating your account, go to the "Login" menu;
  4. Enter your login details and press "Login";
  5. Click on "Add card" and enter the Tursib plastic card number (you can find the number printed on the Tursib card, at the bottom left);
  6. Fill in the user profile with the required data;
  7. Click on the green arrow on the Tursib card and select "Add title";
  8. Add the desired travel title to the shopping cart, click on "Finalise purchase" and enter the bank card details to make the payment.

*Payment is secure and is done via the authorised payment processor euplatesc.ro.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, we offer support from Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 15:00 at 0269426100 or by e-mail: relatiicupublicul@tursib.ro.